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Album Review: Luna Jamboree, “What Moves You”

Luna Jamboree: What Moves Youlunajamboree 150x150 Album Review: Luna Jamboree, What Moves You

There’s a lot going on throughout What Moves You. The instrumentation dances with distraction, it’s chaotic in parts, but the female rhythm duo — Kim (bass) and Kate (drums) Painter — hold it together even when it feels like it’s about to come off track (see “Poolside Chat”). John Krygiel and Bryan Copeland volley the singing duties while maintaining polar-opposite vocal styles. Krygiel pushes his voice in-and out of tune with purpose, a forceful blend of … well, something in the ballpark of Jagger meets Claypool. It’s offset by the warm rasp of Copeland who wails through vocal refrains on a few ballads, including “The Leaves Are Changing” and the band’s business-time slow jam “Into You”. Tyler Matthews’s keyboard runs brings flare and I found my ears seeking the piano at times for refuge. The band goes into full jam mode on “Jambo Blues” and again on “Tear Me Down”.

You can hear Luna Jamboree Sunday, July 29 on SGF Local Live — Sunday at 8 p.m. on TAG Radio, 99.9 FM, 1060 AM.

2 To Try: “In Sight”, “Tear Me Down”

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