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Bad Fashion: It’s Sequiota not South Beach

Bad Fashion Bad Fashion: Its Sequiota not South Beach

In the proper setting it’s OK to wear spandex smaller than collegiate volleyball players. Those settings are: A) College volleyball; B) Rollerblading thru a farmers market in South Florida (Have you seen Birdcage?); 3) European Beach. We’re all for expression and comfort, but this floral spandex pillowcase should be reconsidered while dressing for a pre-lunch jog in an SGF park loaded with children. We never meant to let poorly fashioned SGFers slip through the cracks since our last official offender, we’ve just been busy policing ourselves. See somebody practicing bad fashion? Snap a photo and email it to

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  • Levhopkins

    A) B) 3) way to go!

    • Brett Johnston

      That was intended. I like a lot of terrible late 90s comedies which doesn’t always often translate well.

  • It’s do-do baby!

    OMFG…. that same dude was at Mutt Strut wearing an equally offensive pair of super tight spandex that was yellow with black hair metal stripes all over them… I have video… will email it. He single handedly made a family event creepy.

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