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No Waiting: Brand of Freak’s album hits iTunes early

Brand of Freak cover No Waiting: Brand of Freaks album hits iTunes earlyWho waits for anything anymore, really? It’s the Digital Age; concepts such as “waiting” and “face-to-face conversations” are so 20th Century. Not even a week after back-on-the-map SGF hard rock group Brand of Freak announces the completion and pending release of its self-titled record tracked with local music great turned successful producer Jim Wirt (who has worked with Incubus, Jack’s Mannequin, Fiona Apple and more) the album is now available for purchase on iTunes. That’s time-warpingly fast considering the band initially announced a release date of August 11 for the record. This can only mean someone fed their Mr. Fusion today. You can check it out by clicking here.

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