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LIVE BLOG: Blue & Gold, Final Round

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Your Gold Division champions, the Glendale Falcons

It took a long time to get a game this good, but it was worth the wait. Check the highlights from the overtime doozy of a Gold Division Championship between Glendale and Willard.

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10:42: I talked to Glendale coach Sean Williamson after the game and he said that his team was not instructed to foul Huskisson on purpose. He agreed it wouldn’t have been the worst thing in the world, but that wasn’t the plan.

Either way, it worked out perfectly for Glendale.

10:31: Glendale and Willard just completed the highest-scoring game in Blue and Gold Tournament history. The 180 combined points was one more than the 1991 game between Lebanon and Branson.

Official scoring

GLENDALE (92) — Cameron Johnson 26, Joey Harbour 21, Tommy Hedges 14, Mason Hodges 16, Thomas Halter 5, Blake Freedman 4, Casey Wagoner 2, Conner Keltner 2, Nolan Bettlach 2

WILLARD (88) — Tim Huskisson 26, Skyler Frazier 20, Corey Weiland 10, Kyle Raby 10, Bobby Hampton 15

Final score in overtime

Glendale 92, Willard 88

10:15: Huskisson is fouled on the floor and makes the first. He misses the second on purpose, but it’s blown dead because he didn’t hit rim. Hodges hits both free throws to ice it. Final score 92-88 in OT.

10:11: Frazier scores in the paint to cut it to 89-87. Cameron Johnson is fouled and makes one. 90-87 Glendale, 10 seconds left. Timeout Willard. Where is Huskisson? And will Glendale foul on purpose?

10:09: After Hodges missed a jump shot, Huskisson couldn’t finish a drive to the paint. Harbour is fouled and makes both FTs. With 38.1 seconds remaining, Glendale leads 89-85.

10:07: Cameron Johnson is beasting in overtime. He hits a FT to give him 5 in the quarter and Glendale leads 87-85 with 1:26 left. Willard just threw the ball crosscourt out of bounds. Glendale possession.

10:05: Leading scorers up to the minute

Willard — Huskisson 25, Frazier 20

Glendale — JOhnson 24, Harbour 19, Hodges 14

10:04: Joey Harbour hits a dagger 3 and gives Glendale a86-83 lead with 2:24 left in overtime. You have to make him drive to the basket, right?

Score after regulation

(1) Glendale 79, Willard 79

10:01: Joey Harbour’s 3 with a few seconds left is no good, and after a tournament full of boatraces and blowouts, we are going to overtime.

9:58: Just when it looked like Willard was going to hold it out and let Huskisson deal off the dribble for the win after an empty Glendale possession, Weiland’s pass inside to Frazier was stolen. Time out Willard with 17.3 seconds.

9:57: Tim Huskisson buries a tough step-back 3 over Blake Freedman to tie the game at 79.

9:56: Great unselfish play by Willard. Corey Weiland steals the ball and throws ahead to Huskisson. He bounce passes to Frazier who gives it up to Hampton, who makes the basket and is fouled. 3-point play is good. 77-76, 1:51 left. The foul was Tommy Hedges’ 5th.

9:53: Skyler Frazier scores in the paint, but Tim Huskisson picks up his fourth foul on another charge. It was a bad iffy call at best. Glendale leads 76-71, 2:45 left.

9:50: After 3 and a half quarters of one (or zero) pass basketball, Glendale is switching to controlled aggression. The Falcons run some clock and get the ball to a cutting Mason Hodges. The senior converts a 3-point play and has nine points in the quarter. He had two at halftime. 76-69, 3:34 left.

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Willard gets hyped before the game

9:48: Joey Harbour is back. After not scoring for nearly an entire half of play, he hits two free throws and buries a 3. All of a sudden, Glendale leads 73-69, 4:32 left.

9:46: Huskisson drives to the bucket and scores. He leads all players with 22 points. Willard clings to a 69-68 lead, 5:25 4Q.

9:43: Glendale starts the quarter on a 5-0 spurt when Mason Hodges scores again. Glendale has its first lead since it led 39-38.

9:42: Blake Freedman finds Mason Hodges on a cut to the basket for a layup. After an empty Willard trip, Johnson makes one of two FTs. 65-64, 7:01 left.

Nixa-Parkview highlights (Blue Division title game)

TAGsgf Huskisson Johnson circle LIVE BLOG: Blue & Gold, Final Round

Tim Huskisson and Cameron Johnson ready themselves.

Third quarter score

(2) Willard 65, (1) Glendale 61

9:39: Nolan Bettlach’s 3 at the end of the quarter is now good and the teams play even in the third quarter. Should be a great finish.

9:36: Glendale cuts the lead to 62-58 until Huskisson slashes to the basket draws Tommy Hedges’ 4th foul and makes the floater. The 3-point play makes it 65-58 Willard, 1:17 3Q.

9:33: Here’s why Willard is so good in a nutshell. A Willard guard clears the rebound, dribbles to halfcourt and throws it ahead to the Tigers center, Kyle Raby. The 6-foot-5 post player catches it on the run, avoids traffic and gets the shot off. He misses, but Skyler Frazier is already down the the court to clean up the rebound. He converts a 3-point play to make it 60-51, 3:59 3Q.

9:30: Trading buckets. There are a lot of baskets being made, but most of them are easy ones. Not a lot of D being played, but both teams are very skilled offensively. If any lead swells to double digits, both teams are still in it.

9:28: We are back to the same up-and-down trading baskets pace. Willard leads 51-45. Huskisson has 13 points. 6:03 3Q.

Official scoring

WILLARD (47)  – Corey Weiland 4, Tim Huskisson 11, Skyler Frazier 11, Kyle Raby 6, Bobby Hampton 10, Spencer Blacksher 5

GLENDALE (43) — Joey Harbour 11, Tommy Hedges 7, Mason Hodges 2, Blake Freedman 2, Cameron Johnson 13, Casey Wagoner 2, Conner Keltner 2, Nolan Bettlach 2, Thomas Halter 2

Halftime score

(2) Willard 47, (1) Glendale 43

9:17: Huge finish. Great half of basketball. Scoring up in a second. Glendale’s Skyler Frazier is having a whale of a half.

9:11: The pace will not stop. Willard leads 40-39 with 2:09 left in the first half. It’s up and down and for the most part, has been clean. A great finale to an average crop of Blue and G’old games.

9:09: Willard’s Bobby Hampton has come to play. He has 9 points in this game. Why is this important? I don’t know if he scored nine points in the previous three games in this tournament. He’s a hard worker and is feasting on Glendale’s height disadvantage.

9:06: Glendale has gone cole and Huskisson is trying to take over. He hits another 3 and cuts the lead to 32-30 with 4:20 left 3Q.

9:04: Glendale can’t miss right now. A 9-3 spurt has the Falcons up 32-24, timeout Willard, 6:00 2Q.

9:01: The aggressiveness comes back to bite Huskisson. He picks up his second foul on a charge.

First quarter score

(1) Glendale 23, (2) Willard 21

9:00: What a finish. Bobby Hampton gets a 3-point play and the teams trade baskets with Glendale’s Freedman getting the last laugh. After a quarter Glendale leads 23-21.

8:58: Joey Harbour freaks the D in the paint and delivers a strike to Conner Keltner. Glendale leads 19-16 with 45 seconds remaining 1Q.

8:56: This game is awesome, finally. Joey Harbour hits his third 3 of the quarter to give Glendale a brief lead. Skyler Frazier answers with a post bucket and Tommy Hedges scores after checking back in with two fouls. Glendale leads 17-16, final minute.

8:55: Huskisson is being very aggressive, trying to use his size advantage slashing to the basket. He makes two FTs and Spencer Blacksher makes a tough bucket in the paint. Joey Harbour drains a 3 to make it 13-12 Willard, 2:07 1Q.

8:52: Two Cameron Johnson free throws and a dipsy-doo floater make it 9-9 with 2:54 left in the first quarter.

8:50: The pace is picking up. Joey Harbour hits a 3 for Glendale, but Sky Frazier answers with a bucket inside. 9-5 Willard, 3:42 1Q.

8:48: Glendale’s Casey Wagoner gets out in the open court, pump fakes, travels and scores. Willard leads Glendale 5-2, 4:27 1Q. Tommy Hedges picks up his second foul on a charge, which is important, because Hedges is one of the few 6-foot-plus players on the Falcons roster.

8:44: Immediately, Willard’s size matters. Bobby Hampton scores off an offensive rebound and Kyle Raby uses his 4-inch height advantage for a turnaround jumper. 4-0 Willard, 6:20 1Q.

8:42: Here we go, and we immediately notice that Willard’s student section is 75 times the size of Glendale’s. That’s mainly because we can’t find the GHS section. Glendale, where you at? Willard controls the tip.

8:40: According to wikipedia, Ya Kid K is a woman? Who knew? OK, back to the high school basketball.

8:37: I understand there’s only so much T.I. or Black Eye Peas you can play during a slew of basketball pregames, but “Pump Up the Jam”? Really? A song from 1989? And, can anyone answer this universal myth? Was Ya Kid K a man or woman?

TAGsgf Glendale Willard LIVE BLOG: Blue & Gold, Final Round

Glendale and Willard warm up before their Gold Division championship clash

9:12: An odd moment in any game. Willard’s Grant Williamson checks in. His father is Glendale coach Sean Williamson.

Starting lineups

Joey Harbour, 5-8, jr.
Tommy Hedges, 6-1, sr.
Mason Hodges, 6-2, sr.
Blake Freedman, 5-10, jr.
Cameron Johnson, 6-3, jr.

Skyler Frazier, 6-4, jr.
Tim Huskisson, 6-4, sr.
Kyle Raby, 6-5, sr.
Bobby Hampton, 6-1, sr.
Corey Weiland, 5-8, sr.

8:26: The Gold Division championship is 13 minutes away from tip off and will feature (1) Glendale vs. (2) Willard.

Some fun facts to start off with:

  • This is Willard’s first Blue and Gold championship appearance since the school won three in a row from 2004-06.
  • Glendale’s last B&G title was 2004 in a 69-51 win over Bolivar
  • Both teams like to get out in the open court and score quickly.
  • It should be fun.

Official scoring

NIXA (59) — Jalen Norman 21, Austin Ruder 11, Ben Fisher 10, Kameron Bundy 8, Luke Denbow 5, Jordan Jensen 4

PARKVIEW (44) — Korry Tillery 17, Taylor Acord 11, Alex Poke 8, Taylor Harville 2, Eric Durham 3, Jordan Hitchcock 3

Final score

(1) Nixa 59, (2) Parkview 44

8:20: It will be Nixa’s sixth Blue and Gold championship. That makes the school 6-7 all time in Blue and Gold title games. 58-42, 44.9 seconds left.

8:18: More of the same. Korry Tillery hits a 3 to give him 16 in the game. Nixa leads 55-42, 1:33 left. This will be Nixa’s first Blue and Gold title since 2005 when the Eagles beat Kickapoo 66-58. I have a great Roy Green story from that game if anyone ever wants to hear it.

8:12: Jalen Norman has 18 points, by the way.

8:11: The teams are trading bucket right now. Parkview has settled in and is winning the half by a point. Too little, too late, though. 51-35, 4:47 left.

NixaJump 2 200x300 LIVE BLOG: Blue & Gold, Final Round

Jalen Norman and Taylor Harville battle for the tip.

8:08: Jalen Norman is a matchup nightmare. He scores the first two buckets of the half in different way. One off an offensive rebound and another knifing to the basket off the dribble. 49-28 Nixa, timeout Parkview, 7:03 left.

Third quarter score

(1) Nixa 45, (2) Parkview 28

8:05: We’ve seen some buzzer beaters this week, but Norman might have topped all of them. He takes his defender off the dribble on the right wing, gets a step and hammers one down with the right hand. Buzzer. Nice. Nixa leads 45-28 after three quarters.

8:02: Ben Fisher bangs a 3. Nixa just might be this much better than many of the teams in the Ozarks. 41-26 Nixa, 1:36 3Q.

7:59: Parkview just can’t stop Nixa. The Eagles lead 39-23 with 3 minutes left in the third and Jalen Norman just had a huge block out of bounds. The crowd moaned.

7:55: Parkview is showing some life as Alex Poke and Taylor Acord both hit 3s. Nixa leads 34-21, 5:17 3Q.

7:53: And more of the same as Jalen Norman scores and now heads to the FT line. 32-16 Nixa, 6:54 left.

Highlights from Branson vs. Ava

Official scoring

NIXA (29) — Kameron Bundy 6, Luke Denbow 4, Jalen Norman 7, Austin Ruder 7, Ben Fisher 3, Jordan Jensen

PARKVIEW (13) — Korry Tillery 7, Taylor Acord 6

Halftime score

(1) Nixa 29, (2) Parkview 13

7:42: Parkview put its first mini run (5-0)  together, but at halftime, Nixa leads 29-13.

7:37: Parkview hasn’t scored that much, but on each possession following Parkview points, Nixa has scored — quickly. AFter a Jalen Norman FT it’s 27-8 Eagles.

7:33: Nixa’s defense is very underrated. The Eagle are hanging with a bigger, bulkier Parkview team. Nixa leads 22-8, 4:44 2Q.

7:32: Here is a pic of the Buffalo teams of the past. A nice moment

NixaOldies LIVE BLOG: Blue & Gold, Final Round

Buffalo Blue and Gold history in the flesh

First quarter score

(1) Nixa 19, (2) Parkview 6

7:26: Taylor Acord hits a 3, but in this humble (?) observer’s opinion, the Vikings need to get the ball inside, especiall to Tillery. Ruder hits another 3 and it’s 19-6 Nixa.

7:22: Kam Bundy is so nice. He knifes into the lane, then scores in the paint. After another Parkview empty possession, Ben Fisher hits a 25-footer with a guy in his face. Tough shot. Great shot. Timeout Parkview, 14-3 lead, 2:44 1Q.

7:21: Korry Tillery gathers a rebound, takes it to the bucket and is fouled. He’s a big dude and plays like it, finishing the 3-point play. But Austin Ruder knocks down a 3 to answer. 9-3 Parkview, 3:41 1Q.

7:19: Ben Fisher goes with a behind the back save to Kameron Bundy. He shakes off a defender and scores with the left hand. So far it’s Nixa 4, Parkview 0 with 4:53 left in the first.

7:17: After a few empty possession, Jalen Norman goes spin move on the baseline and lays one in. But, thus far, the pace is slow, and that favors Parkview.

TAGsgf Nixa Parkview Pregame LIVE BLOG: Blue & Gold, Final Round
The scene at JQH before Nixa and Parkview play for the Blue Division championship

7:11: A pretty cool moment. Members of the past Buffalo championship teams from the late 1940s and early 1950s. A few of them in wheelchairs. Longevity rules.

Starting lineups

Alex Poke, 5-9, sr.
Erik Durham, 6-2, soph.
Taylor Acord, 6-2, jr.
Korry Tillery, 6-6, sr.
Taylor Harville, 6-7, jr.

(1) NIXA
Luke Denbow, 6-2, sr.
Jalen Norman, 6-5, soph.
Ben Fisher, 5-10, sr.
Kameron Bundy, 6-1, jr.
Austin Ruder, 6-2, soph.

6:58: We are about 7 and a half minutes away from the Blue Division championship between top-seeded Nixa and second-seeded Parkview. The storylines are thick here. First off, both teams are in the same districtd, so it’s a bit of a sneak peak, especially since they don’t play during the regular season.

Secondly, Parkview junior post player Taylor Harville attended Nixa last season.

Official scoring

BRANSON (70) — Sam Pugh 23, Avery Dingman 22, Alec Zimmer 7, Andrew Jantz 3, A.J. Wiebe 3, Duncan Tillack 3, Malachi Daniels 2, Paul Stevens 2

AVA (52) — Trae Shelton 19, Pete Leonard 16, Brock Mitchell 7, Austin Clayton 6, Austin Gastineau 3, Zach Leonard 1

Final score

(3) Branson 70, (5) Ava 52

6:46: It’s disappointing that Thatch Unruh hasn’t seen one minute today after nearly leading the Pirates in scoring last night. Branson leads 68-52 with a minute left.

6:43: Dingman is back in and cleaning up. He helps extend the Pirate lead to 62-45. Pugh has 18 in the second half. 3 minutes left.

6:39: Sam Pugh is going off. Even as Dingman checks back into the game, Pugh scores his 16th second-half point. Branson leads 57-43 with 4:12 left.

6:34: A.J. Wiebe comes off the bench and hits a 3. The Pirates are red hot. Pete Leonard stops the bleeding and it’s 48-36, 6:40 left. Branson has 5 3-pointers in the half.

Third quarter score

(3) Branson 45, (5) Ava 34

6:30: Without Dingman, it’s Branson and Sam Pugh that make the move. Pugh hits his fourth 3 of the quarter to make it 45-34 with a minute left. The third one was pretty sick, too. Pugh jab stepped to the bucket and the defender fell down. Pugh calmly stepped into it and drained it.

6:26: FYI, Pete Leonard made one of the two technical free throws and Brock Mitchell made 1 of 3 FTs. Branson still leads 38-32. Ava is not capitalizing on the Dingman situation. 2:11 left 3Q.

Since there haven’t been any points since Dingman went out and the refs T’d up the Branson bench (Willow Springs-Rogersville highlights)

TAGsgf Branson Ava Dingman Jump LIVE BLOG: Blue & Gold, Final Round

Avery Dingman and Pete Leonard during the opening tip.

6:22: People out there, if you’re wrong, just own your mistake. Admit it and do the right thing. There is no reason to lie and make it worse. Now, back to the game.

6:19: Dingman was whistled for a mystery fourth foul. There is a stoppage in the game as the refs try to figure it out. They refuse to change their mind and the future Bluejay goes to the bench. And now the Branson bench picks up a T. Way to make one error worse by making another error. That’s stupid.

6:17: Pugh hits another 3 and Zimmer scores in the paint to give Branson a 35-30 lead. You had to figure the talent would take over. Zimmer gets a steal and completes a 3-point play. All of a sudden it’s a 38-30 game, 5:45, 3Q.

6:15: Sam Pugh hits a 3, but Pete Leonard answers with a post move to tie the game at 30. 6:30 3Q.

Official scoring

AVA (28) — Trae Shelton 13, Pete Leonard 10, Brock Mitchell 2, Zach Leonard 3

BRANSON (27) — Avery Dingman 13, Duncan Tillack 2, Malachi Daniels 2, Andrew Jantz 3, Alec Zimmer 2, Sam Pugh 6

Halftime score

(5) Ava 28, (3) Branson 27

6:00: Branson has come alive, erasing most of Ava’s lead with a 7-2 run. With just seconds left, Branson trails 28-27.

5:54: Branson has come out of its fog, but still has not answer for Pete Leonard and Trae Shelton. The Ava big man has 10 points and Shelton has 14, with 3 3s. 23-16 Ava, 3:25 2Q.

TAGsgf Ava Trae Shelton LIVE BLOG: Blue & Gold, Final Round

Ava's Trae Shelton had 5 3-pointers. Going off.

5:45: Branson still struggling.

5:40: To answer my own question, so far it is lasting. Ava has stretched its lead to 11-2. Branson looks disinterested, as well as, uneven on offense. Ava is on an 11-0 run. 2:14 left.

5:36: Trae Shelton scores inside and Ava has a 4-2 lead with 4:30 left in the first. Yes, Ava is winning. Will it last?

5:34: And Avery Dingman is up to his old tricks. The future Creighton Bluejay gets one in transition and dunks it. 2-0 Branson early.

TAGsgf Branson Ava Pregame LIVE BLOG: Blue & Gold, Final Round

Ava and Branson warm up before the Gold Division third-place game

Starting lineups

Alec Zimmer, 6-0, sr.
Avery Dingman, 6-6, sr.
Sam Pugh, 6-1, sr.
Paul Stevens, 6-0, sr.
Duncan Tillack, 6-5, sr.

(5) AVA
Zach Leonard, 6-5, jr.
Austin Gastineau, 5-11, soph.
Trae Shelton, 6-0, sr.
Brock Mitchell, 6-0, sr.
Pete Leonard, 6-5, sr.

5:28: Getting set for our next third-place game between Branson and Ava. 3 minutes until tip.

Official scoring

WILLOW SPRINGS (59) — Taylor James 28, Allen Brasier 11, Jared Hummel 7, Clint Harper 6, Cole Johnson 2, Blaine Collins 3, Zach Cunningham 2

ROGERSVILLE (58) — Dylan Cole 16, Colton Woods 11, Joe Young 11, Aaron Orchard 10, Brock Buzbee 3, Austin Price 3, Justus Boever 2

Final score

(4) Willow Springs 59, (3) Rogersville 56

5:14: Brasier misses the second and Darrian Donson misses a 3. Rog gets the offensive rebound, misses a quick putback, gets that rebound and Cole jumps behind the 3-point line. The fadeaway 3 is up and……no good. Willow wins 59-56, erasing an 11-point second deficit.

tagsgf rogersville 250x166 LIVE BLOG: Blue & Gold, Final Round

This is where you could be right now, courtside at JQH Arena.


5:12.5: Cole misses both and the Wildcats give up the foul. Allen Brasier makes the first. Timeout Rogersville. 13.3 seconds left.

5:12: Dylan Cole drives to the basket and is fouled. Shooting two. 15 .8 left.

5:10: Just when it looked like Willow Springs was going to hold for the final shot, Taylor James rose up and buries a long 3 from the left wing. 58-56, 21.9 left.

5:07: Willow Springs comes out in a 1-3-1 zone. Rogersville’s Aaron Orchard gets fouled and makes one. The teams trade buckets and Rog leads 56-55 with a minute left.

5:05: A Taylor James 3 and a Jared Hummel bucket knot the game at 53 with 2:09 left. Rogersville coach Rod Gorman calls timeout.

5:02: Clint Harper’s jumper makes it 50-48 Rogersville with 4 minutes left. We actually have a game here.

5:00: This game is weird. Now it’s been Rogersville’s turn to struggle. Willow has cut it to 50-46 with 4:30 left.

4:54: Harper’s jumper at the buzzer is no good and after three quarters, it’s 48-42 Rogersville.

4:53: Allen Brasier scores the Bears’ first points of the quarter with a left elbow jumper. A 3 from James and it’s 48-42 Rog. Somehow the Bears are still in this game. 12.3 seconds left.

4:50: Willow Springs is yet to score in the third quarter. Rog has put the whoopin’ on them, specifically on the defensive end with ball pressure and rebounding. It’s 48-37, 2:33 3Q.

4:42: Colton Woods lays one in and Dylan Cole hits a sweet running baker off the window as Rog reclaims the lead 39-37, 5:35, 3Q. Willow Springs is finding zero room to maneuver on offense. Timeout Bears.

tagsgf rogersville cole LIVE BLOG: Blue & Gold, Final Round

Rogersville's Dylan Cole lines up a jumper

Official scoring

WILLOW SPRINGS (37) — Taylor James 17, Blaine Collins 3, Allen Brasier 6, Jared Hummel 5, Clint Harper 2, Cole Johnson 2

ROGERSVILLE (35) — Joe Young 9, Dylan Cole 7, Aaron Orchard 6, Garrett Woods 5, Justus Boever 2, Austin Price 3, Brock Buzbee 3

Halftime score

(4) Willow Springs 37, (3) Rogersville 35

4:30: Taylor James steps up and knocks down a 3-pointer from the top of the key with just a few seconds left. Rog can’t hit the halfcourt heave and Willow ends the half on a 17-7 run over the last 4 and a half minutes. 37-35 Willow Springs at the half.

4:27: The defenses are starting to settle in, but these teams are evenly matched. Side note: both teams have MSU colors and blend in with the court. That’s what I think about during third-place games. 35-34, 40 seconds left.

4:22: Rog calls timeout after back-to-back buckets from Allen Brasier and Jared Hummel. 3:43 left in the first half and Rog leads WS 30-24.

4:21: Rogersville is starting to pull away, thanks to too much Joe Young. The third-seeded Wildcats lead Willow Springs 28-20, 4:34 2Q.

First quarter score

(3) Rogersville 13, (4) Willow Springs 12

4:07: I generally have a policy against third-place games — don’t watch them. But, for the Blue and Gold, I’m making an exception and these teams are taking it seriously, which is generally the reason I don’t like them. Rogersville and Willow Springs are tied at 9 with 2:22 left.

Starting lineups, Blue Division third-place game

Clint Harper, 6-2, sr.
Jared Hummel, 6-1, sr.
Allen Brasier, 6-2, sr.
Cole Johnson, 6-0, sr.
Taylor James, 6-1, sr.

Derrion Donson, 5-9, sr.
Colton Woods, 6-5, jr.
Dylan Cole, 6-0, jr.
Aaron Orchard, 6-6, jr.
Joe Young, 6-4, jr.

Welcome to JQH Arena, site of the final round of the 65th Blue and Gold Tournament. We are squeezed up in the wedge (see: alternate media area) with a bird’s eye view of the night’s action. The wish for tonight? No turbo clock. Let’s do this!

Tonight’s Schedule

Blue Division
Championship — (1) Nixa vs. (2) Parkview, 7 p.m.
Third-place game —
(4) Willow Springs vs. (3) Rogersville, 4 p.m.

Gold Division
Championship — (1) Glendale vs. (2) Willard, 8:30 p.m.
Third-place game — (5) Ava. (3) Branson, 5:30 p.m.

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