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TAG 5: Springfield Neighborhoods to Trick or Treat

(TAG 5 is a top five list compiled by secret ballot, submitted by the four horsemen of TAG. An extremely complicated equation is used to calculate the polls. Ties broken by first-place votes and ballots appeared on. A new ballot is released every Monday. Most of the time TAG 5 is related to SGF, sometimes it is not. )

trick or treat 225x300 TAG 5: Springfield Neighborhoods to Trick or Treat

Know where to Trick or Treat

Our week of Halloween TAG 5s comes to a close as we nail down the best spots to take your kids to Trick or Treat. Many factors should be weighed when figuring the spot(s) to hit. The loot is important, of course, but the spirit and participation of a neighborhood can really make or break an evening. No neighborhood gets involved like the Rountree District. It’s starts with decoration but the welcoming spirit is in the lack of dark houses. Nearly every house in the neighborhood has a light on and a bowl of snacks waiting. Parking can be tough and the area’s a madhouse, but for good reason.



Three votes (as of 10/29/10)
Total points, first-place votes in parenthesis
1. Rountree (Grand to Cherry, National to Glenstone) – 18* (2)
2. Millwood (nestled in Ozark off 65) – 9 (1)
T3. Ravenwood South (south of Republic Road, west of Glenstone) – 7
T3. Phelps Grove (west of National – at Mexican Villa) – 7
5. Southern Hills (North then east from Lone Pine and Battlefield) – 5 (1)

Others receiving votes: Brentwood – 4, Cooper Estates – 3, The neighborhood that hosts Brangelina – 2, Lakes at Wild Horse – 2, Where JQH Resides – 1, Emerald Park – 1, Rivercut – 1.

Halloween TAG 5s:

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