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The Viral Vegan: McAlister’s Deli

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UNSURPASSEDBEAUTY The Viral Vegan: McAlisters Deli

Alex Stocksdale: The Viral Vegan

MCALISTER2 250x166 The Viral Vegan: McAlisters Deli

Veggie Spud and Veggie Chili from McAlister's

By Alex Stocksdale for

As a preface, I had intended upon visiting Whislers and trying the eight patty bacon cheeseburger. Alas, Bob snaked me and rendered my review useless. Thanks a lot man. I was in turn relinquished to my backup, McAlister’s Deli. I had heard from several veg friends that this was a (relatively) quick and inexpensive fare with a multitude of locations throughout town. Heeding advice from the informed plenty, and my day-after birthday hangover, I decided to give it a go.

As it turns out there is more to McAlister’ s than the fabled sweet tea—I found it to have several on-menu vegan options (with minor amendments) and the option to build your own sandwich/wrap … The options are endless.

On the plate today was the “Veggie Spud” and a bowl of vegetarian chili (for half the price you can order a less-satisfying, yet half-price cup). The baked potato, which comes with mozzarella cheese unless otherwise specified, was adorned with red onions, bell peppers, diced tomatoes, black olives, and a side of salsa that was somehow forgotten on my order. Maybe I had a sense of birthday entitlement, or maybe I just look like a jerk. Said potato was surprisingly over cooked, like a twice baked potato, but had ample veggies. The veggie chili was not as delish as a batch of my own, but maybe the best store-bought version I’ve had, and piping hot to boot; no complaints in that area.

For a total of about $12 it was a swift and easy curb to a post-birthday hangover and pretty tasty fare as well. I recommend it to anyone who wants to eat healthy after having had a long month one weekend.


2445 N Kansas Expy # A, Springfield – 866-2331

210 W Sunshine St, Springfield – 831-4450

1711 W Battlefield St # M, Springfield – 888-0899

1460 E. Primrose Street- Springfield – 890-5250

2300 North Airport Blvd Springfield – 862-7295

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