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Winter’s Bone screening: The music

Screen shot 2010 05 17 at 10.57.26 AM 250x147 Winters Bone screening: The musicWhile striving for authenticity for the rare movie that is set beyond a town’s city limits and off the backroads of the backroads, the production cast of Winter’s Bone employed two local bands for original music. During Friday’s Springfield 450-person screening at Missouri State University — which was sold out — two of those bands performed prior to the movie.

West Plains native Marideth Sisco — who makes a cameo in the film — and her band performed first, eventually giving way for Dirt Road Delight, an Appalachian Soul band with local ties. Here are snippets of each performance.

And remember, Winter’s Bone was named best movie and best screenplay at the Sundance Film Festival. It will be released at Campbell 16 on June 18 for a one-time showing. It’s a part of a 28-state release that also features the District of Columbia.

For now, the music:

Marideth Sisco and her band

Dirt Road Delight

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