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What do you think VWO stands for? Vikings World Order? Either way, it's awesome, and the way this guy looks is how Brett feels about the Vikes.

Well, look there. Allen and Brett (finally) pick some NFL games correctly and they get another podcast? Yep, that’s what happened. After a combined 2-6 Wild Card weekend, the Divisional round was much kinder, with a 6-2 week, bringing them back to .500.

But this week, they wholeheartedly disagree with each other on their Super Bowl picks. Who was crazy enough to pick the Jets (again)? Who thinks the Colts are being disrespected way too much and are going to throttle the Jets? Can anyone actually give a reason why the Saints will beat the Vikings?

And the lesson ultimately learned here: Brett Favre-Super Bowl talk is so infectious, it can even infiltrate a championship weekend podcast. It’s as contagious and ridiculous as the new Prince-Vikings song. Worst. Song. Ever. It makes We All Love the Red Sox sound like the Beatles.

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