The Awesome Guide to Springfield, MO

Go Play!: Find the Christmas lights

CIMG0112 300x224 Go Play!: Find the Christmas lights

After a long drive, this was the final house and instantly (almost by pure volume) it became my favorite.

We toured the city, block-by-block, scouring for some Christmas lights. The venture would serve two purposes: 1) Give a couple of babies a change of venue; 2) Provide a sort-of map for everybody else – in case your weekend for a couple free lightless hours. With a sizable journey planned (roughly based on my memory of how my parents entertained me as a child) we hit the streets, but then it was dark. As we drove, block-by-block, we found nothing. The Elfindale light show is gone (it moved to the square and provides a pretty weak showing – though it is still the best display from the city) and the longest run of houses with any sort of decorations was three. And we saw that once! So I am asking, begging (for my son’s sake!), where is the spirit? Did we just miss it? If you know where we can find the most impressive displays, leave a message and let us know!

CIMG0106 150x150 Go Play!: Find the Christmas lights

Surrounded by dark houses, this tree stood out near Oak Grove park.

Still, there are a few around with impressive performances by single houses. Here are a few of key neighborhoods (by direction from intersection). No addresses – you have to find them, that’s the fun. Just don’t be creepy.

Northeast of National and Sunset – There aren’t a whole lot of houses decorated, but this is where you will find the most erratically-strung house – my current favorite.

CIMG0099 150x150 Go Play!: Find the Christmas lights

This house is my second favorite. A lot of work, a lot of structure. Very clean.

Southwest of Oak Grove and Bennett – Another nice job here, probably the best with well-organized lights. I’ve always been a fan of the chaos method.

Northwest of Chestnut and Summit – Though it’s not as bright as past Decembers, there’s still a lot of simple jobs – most houses done in a single color.

Southeast of Republic Road and Fremont – Probably the brightest neighborhood, but not much character. Almost entirely strung in white.

Southeast of West By-Pass and Sunshine – There aren’t a whole lot of houses strung, but those that are had a lot of fun putting them up.

Other notes: St. John’s Hospital is my favorite building, despite how structured the look is; the Roundtree District was the biggest disappointment (Allen get your neighbors in gear!), the house which is annually my favorite isn’t even lit; Seminole and Fremont probably have the most lights, for individual streets, though each is streaky.

Scott wins the best-decorated house from TAG, but there wasn’t much push from his competition. Nice work, pal. You win a trip to your garage for one of those crack-in-a-can sodas. Congrats!

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